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Resource Guide:
Classical Chinese Philosophy

Sample Call Numbers

Topic Call Number
Philosophy - ChinaB 125-128
Ethics - ChinaBJ 101-117
Religion - ChinaBL 1800-1999
History - ChinaDS 703-799
Political Thought - ChinaJA 84 .C6
Politics - ChinaJQ 1499-1539.5
Literature - ChinaPL 1111-3279

Sample Subject Headings

Start by searching the catalog by keyword. Use whatever terms you think best describe your topic. When you find a record that matches what you are looking for, view the record and see what subject headings were used. Then search again using that term as a subject search.

  • Philosophy, Chinese
  • Chinese Literature
  • Kongzi (Confucius)
  • Mozi (Mo Tzu)
  • Mengzi (Mencius)
  • Laozi (Lao Tzu)
  • Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu)
  • Xunzi
  • Han Feizi
  • Confucian Thought
  • Ethics, Chinese
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Individualism
  • Obligation and Duty

Sample Materials at Von Canon Library

Title Call Number
Moral Exemplars in the Analects: The Good Person Is ThatBJ 117 .O43 2011
Introduction to Classical Chinese PhilosophyB 126 .V28 2011
Sagehood: The Contemporary Significance of Neo-Confucian PhilosophyB 127 .N4 A54 2009
Mengzi: With Selections from Traditional CommentariesPL 2472 .Z6 M36 2008
Remastering Morals with Aristotle and ConfuciusBJ 101 .S56 2007
Confucian Ethics: A Comparative Study of Self, Autonomy, and CommunityBL 1853 .C66 2004
Xunzi: Basic WritingsB 128 .H68 E5 2003
Chuang-tzu: the Inner ChaptersBL 1900 .C5 E5 2001
Readings in Classical Chinese PhilosophyB 126 .R43 2000
Virtue, Nature, and Moral Agency in the XunziB 128 .H7 V57 2000

Research Databases

Relevant Journals and Magazines

  • Philosophy East & West
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Journal of Chinese Philosophy
  • Journal of Moral Education
  • Journal of the American Oriental Society
  • Journal of Religious Ethics
  • Asia Journal of Theology
  • T'oung Pao
  • Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies
  • Journal of Asian Studies
  • Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

These are just examples. To find more, or to look for a specific journal or periodical, search our Journals.

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