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Europe and the Americas

Sample Call Numbers

Topic Call Number
History of Great BritainDA 1-995
History of Great Britain – By periodDA 129-592
Austria. Austro-Hungarian EmpireDB 1-879
History of France – Revolutionary and Napoleonic PeriodDC 139-249
Germany — Period of World War II, 1939-1945DD 256
History of the Greco-Roman WorldDE 1-100
History of GreeceDF 10-951
Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.DF 229-230
RenaissanceDG 532-537.8
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet RepublicsDK 1-949.5
Russia. Revolution, 1917-1921DK 265-265.95
Spain. 711-1516. Moorish Domination and the ReconquestDP 97.3-160.8
Latin America. Spanish America.F 1201-3799
Canal Zone. Panama CanalF 1569.C2
CubaF 1751-1854.9
South AmericaF 2201-3799
BrazilF 2501-2699
CanadaF 1001-1145.2
St. Lawrence River, Gulf and Valley (General)F 1050

Sample Subject Headings

Start by searching the catalog by keyword. Use whatever terms you think best describe your topic. When you find a record that matches what you are looking for, view the record and see what subject headings were used. Then search again using that term as a subject search.

  • Great Britain ‚ History ‚ 1066-1687
  • Viking cities and towns
  • Montreal Metropolitan area, Quebec
  • Grand Banks of Newfoundland ‚ Maps
  • Taino Indians ‚ History
  • Mexican Revolution, Mexico, 1910-1920
  • Enlightenment ‚ Europe
  • Aztecs ‚ Religion
  • Panama Canal (Panama) ‚ Bibliography
  • Pampas (Argentina) ‚ Civilization
  • Cuba ‚ Antiquities
  • South America ‚ Boundaries ‚ Maps
  • Central American periodicals
  • Andes
  • Amazon River
  • Crusades
  • Reformation
  • Explorers ‚ 1400-1500
  • U.S.S.R. Space program
  • Monarchy ‚ Europe
  • France ‚ World War, 1939-1945

Sample Materials at Von Canon Library

Title Call Number
Early modern Spain a social historye-Book
The German economy in the twentieth centurye-Book
Postwar: a history of Europe since 1945D 1051 .J84 2005
The pursuit of glory: Europe, 1648-1815D 273 .B58 2007
Alterations of state sacred kingship in the English Reformatione-Book
Against their will the history and geography of forced migrationse-Book
America in Europe: a history of the New World in reverseE 121 .A713 1986
The buried mirror: reflections on Spain and the New WorldDP 96 .F84 1992
Seven myths of the Spanish conqueste-Book
Burning water: thought and religion in ancient MexicoF 1219.3 .R38 S43
The politics of South American boundariese-Book
Culture and customs of Argentinae-Book
A Concise encyclopaedia of the Italian RenaissanceDG 445 .C66
Alexander the Greate-Book
Ancient Greece: a political, social, and cultural historyDF 77 .A595 1998
Pen and Parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages

Research Databases

Relevant Journals and Magazines

  • History in Focus
  • History Matters
  • History
  • History and Theory
  • History Review
  • History Today
  • Historical Methods
  • Historical Research
  • Past Imperfect
  • World Heritage Review (online)
  • Chronicon (Ireland) (online)
  • Delaware Review of Latin American Studies (online)
  • eJournal of Portuguese History (online)
  • Nordic Notes (online)

These are just examples. To find more, or to look for a specific journal or periodical, search our Journals.

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