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Resource Guide:
Production Design and Stagecraft

Sample Call Numbers

Topic Call Number
Dramatic representation.The theater PN 2000-3307
The stage and accessories PN 2085-2096
Ancien TheatrePN 2131-2145
Medieval TheatrePN 2152-2160
Renaissance TheatrePN 2171-2179
Modern TheatrePN 2181-2193
Special regions or countries PN 2219.3-3030
Amateur theater PN 3151-3171
College and school theatricals PN 3175-3191
Tableaux, pageants, “Happenings,” etc. PN 3203-3299

Sample Subject Headings

Start by searching the catalog by keyword. Use whatever terms you think best describe your topic. When you find a record that matches what you are looking for, view the record and see what subject headings were used. Then search again using that term as a subject search.

  • Theater
  • Theaters
  • Theaters–Stage-setting and scenery
  • Set Designers
  • Stage Machinery
  • Stage Lighting
  • Costume
  • Stage Management
  • Stage Props

Sample Materials at Von Canon Library

Title Call Number
Designing and Drawing for the Theatre PN 2091 .P36 1995
Sculpting space in the theater : conversations with the top… PN 2091 .S8 E35 2006
Oxford Companion to the Theatre REF PN 2035 .O9
Oxford Companion to the American Theatre eBook, REF, & PN 2200 .B645
The Cambridge Guide to Theatre Credo Reference Database
Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre Credo Reference Database
The designs of Tharon Musser PN 2096 .M976 2007
Ming Cho Lee : The designs of Ming Cho Lee NA 6830 .U54 2006
Designing for the theatre; a memoir and a portfolio, by Jo Mielziner FOLIO PN 2091 .S8 M494
Mielziner : master of modern stage design PA 2096 .M5 H464 2001
The performing set : the broadway designs of William and Jean Eckart PN 2096 .E23 H37 2006
Developing and maintaining a design-tech portfolio : a guide for theatre PN 2091 .S8 J33 2006
Backstage handbook : an illustrated almanac of technical information PN 2091 .C245 2006
Looking into the abyss : essays on scenography PN 2091 .S8 A73 2005
Romantic stages : set and costume design in Victorian England PN 2087 .F56 2005
Theatre, performance and technology : the development of scenography PN 2091 .S8 B378 2005
Model making for the stage PN 2091 .O78 2004
The stage life of props PN 2091 .S8 S616 2003
What is scenography? e-Book
The business of theatrical design e-Book
Illustrated theatre production guide PN 2085 .H64 2002
Scenery : design and fabrication PN 2091 .S6 S73 2001
The theater props handbook: a comprehensive guide… PN 2091 .J231 2000
Theatrical design and production : an introduction to… PN 2085 .G5 1999
Theatrical design in the twentieth century: …photographic reproductions REF PN 2091 .S8 T47 1996
Evolving stages : a layman’s guide to 20th century theatre PN 1861 .C68
From page to stage : how theatre designers make connections… PN 2091 .S8145 1997
Theatrical space : a guide for directors and designers PN 2091 .S8 C615 1995
Cambridge guide to American theatre REF PN 2220 .C35
The Cambridge guide to world theatre REF PN 2035 .C27
Theatre backstage from A to Z REF PN 2091 .M3 L68

Research Databases

Relevant Journals and Magazines

  • American Theatre
  • Live Design (formerly Entertainment Design and Theatre Crafts)
  • New York Times
  • Stage Directions
  • Theatre Arts Journal Studies in Scenography and Performance

These are just examples. To find more, or to look for a specific journal or periodical, search our Journals.

Selected Web Page and Digital Archives

Sample Set Designers

  • Donald Oenslager
  • Robert Edmond Jones
  • Ming Cho Lee
  • Heidi Landesman
  • Tony Walton
  • John Napier
  • Robin Wagner
  • Boris Aronson
  • Lee Simonson
  • Adolph Appia
  • John Lee Beatty
  • Jo Mielziner
  • Josef Svoboda
  • Inigo Jones
  • Norman Bel Geddes
  • Oliver Smith
  • Mordecai Gorelik

Sample Lighting Designers

  • Tharon Musser
  • James Moody
  • Steele Mckae
  • Jennifer Tipton
  • Jules Fisher
  • Tom Skelton
  • Richard Pilbrow
  • Neil Jampolis
  • David Hersey
  • Ken Billington

Sample Costume Designers

  • Desmond Heely
  • Erte
  • Theoni V. Aldriedge
  • Patricia Zipprodt
  • Julie Taymor
  • Leon Bakst
  • William Ivey Long
  • Catherine Zubber
  • Bob Mackie