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Eighteenth-Century Europe

Selected Call Numbers

Call numbers are the shelving locations for each item. Browsing in the following areas of the library will help you find materials for your topic.

Topic Call Number
Eighteenth-Century History, 1715-1789D 284-297
History of Great Britain, Modern, 1714-1760DA 498-503
History of Great Britain, Modern, 1760-1820DA 505-522
Scotland History, 1603-1745DA 800-814
Jacobite Movements, 1707-1745DA 813-814
History of Austria, 1648-1740DB 66-69
History of Austria, 1740-1815DB 69-77
History of Czechoslovakia, 1526-1918DB 2135-2182
History of France, 1715-1789DC 131-138
History of Germany, 1648-1815DD 190-199
History of Greece, 1453-1821DF 801
History of Italian States, 1500-1800DG 539-545
History of Russia, 1613-1917DK 112-264
History of Norway, 1387-1814DL 480-502
History of SpainDP 192-200

Selected Subject Headings

Subject headings are selected terms to represent a topic. Searching subject headings in the library catalog will bring the most complete list of results. Below are some example subject headings. More subject headings can be located in the red books at the reference desk.

  • Europe, History, 1648-1789
  • Europe, History, 1789-1815
  • Europe, History, 18th Century
  • Europe, History, Chronology
  • Europe, History, Military, 1648-1789
  • Europe, History, Military, 1789-1815
  • Europe, Historical geograpy
  • Revolutions, Europe
  • Europe, Politics and Government, 1648-1789
  • Europe, Civilization
  • Great Britain, History, 1660-1714

Selected Materials at the Von Canon Library

Below are some selected materials in the library with their shelving locations. Browsing in the listed areas of the library will help you find more materials for your topic.

Title Call Number
The rise of female kings in Europe, 1300-1800D 217 .M57 2012
Napoleon, symbol for an ageDC 203 .B62 2008
The pursuit of glory : Europe, 1648-1815D 273 .B58 2007
Europe and the making of England, 1660-1760BR 757 .C62 2007
The great upheaval : America and the birth of the modern world, 1788-1800E 310 .W56 2007
The roads to modernity : the British, French, and American enlightenmentsB 802 .H65 2003
The Enlightenment : a brief history with documentsCB 411 .J327 2001
Eighteenth-century Europe, tradition and progroess, 1715-1789CB 411 .W64 1982
Kings, nobles and commoners states and societies in early modern Europe, a revisionist historye-Book
The making of modern Europe, 1648-1780e-Book
Lineages of European political thought:Explorations along the Medieval/modern divide from John of Salisbury to HegelJC 111 .N43 2009 and eBook
The emergence of the Eastern powers, 1756-1775e-Book

Selected Research Databases

Selected Journals and Magazines

The following journals supply articles to the library’s databases. YOu can see if a specific journal supplies articles to our databases by searching the journal title on the library journal page.

  • Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation
  • Eighteenth-Century Fiction
  • Eighteenth-Century Life
  • Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • Eighteenth-Century Thought
  • Eighteenth-Century Women
  • The Age of Johnson
  • Central European History
  • History Journal
  • French Studies
  • European Legacy
  • The German Quarterly
  • The American Historical Review

Selected Websites and Digital Archives