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American History

Websites and Digital Archives

Subject Headings

Subject headings are selected terms to represent a topic. Searching subject headings in the library catalog will bring the most complete list of results. Below are some example subject headings. More subject headings can be located in the red books at the reference desk.

  • History ‚ United States ‚ Periodicals
  • United States ‚ History
  • United States ‚ History ‚ 1775-1865
  • United States ‚ History ‚ 1783-1815 ‚ Maps
  • United States ‚ History ‚ 18th Century
  • United States ‚ History ‚ 1933-1945 ‚ Songs and Music
  • United States History 1945 ‚ Addresses, Essays and Lectures
  • United States ‚ History ‚ 1961-1969 ‚ Encyclopedias
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Archival Resources
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Biography
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Chronology
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Civil War
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Congresses
  • United States ‚ History, Local
  • United States History Maps
  • United States ‚ History, Military
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Pictorial Works
  • United States ‚ History ‚ Religious Aspects

Research Databases

Online Journals

The following journals supply articles to the library’s databases. YOu can see if a specific journal supplies articles to our databases by searching the journal title on the library journal page.

  • American Historical Review
  • American Nineteenth Century History
  • Appalachian Journal: a regional studies review
  • The Historian: a journal of history
  • Journal of African American History
  • Journal of American History
  • Journal of American Studies
  • American Quarterly
  • Labor: … Working-Class History of the Americas
  • New England Journal of History
  • William and Mary Quarterly
  • Journal of Southern History
  • History
  • History Notes (with periodicals)
  • History Today
  • Western Historical Quarterly
  • Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association
  • Journal of American Ethnic History
  • The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • 49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Study… (online)

Print Materials at the Von Canon Library

Below are some selected materials in the library with their shelving locations. Browsing in the listed areas of the library will help you find more materials for your topic.

Title Call Number
Themes in United States historyE 178.1 .W58
The African-American mosaic: a Library of Congress resource guideREM Z 1361 .N39 L47
American history atlasG 1201 .S1 G5
The American promise: voices of a changing nation, 1945-presentE 743 .A568
As others see us; international views of American historyE 175.8 .A8
Biographical dictionary of American Indian history to 1900REF E 89 .W35
Captain John Smith’s history of Virginia; a selectionF 229 .S6356
The colors of courage: Gettysburg’s hidden historyE 475 .C862
A companion to the American Weste-Book
The creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787JA 84 .U5 W6
Crucible of liberty: 200 years of the Bill of RightsKF 4749 .A2 C78
Datapedia of the United States American history in numberse-Book
Documents of American historyE 173 .C66
Famous first facts : a record of first happenings, discoveries…eBook
The Great Depression: opposing viewpointsE 806 .G83
Harvard guide to American historyZ 1236 .F77
Narratives of the witchcraft cases, 1648-1706BF 1573 .A3 B8
Photo Op: a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer covers events…TR 650 .K37
Reference library of Black AmericaREF E 185 .R44
Seneca Falls and the origins of the women’s rights movementHQ 1418 .M36
Southern women: black and white in the Old SouthHQ 1438 .A13 M36
The trail of tears the Cherokee journey from homee-Book
The United States and the origins of the cold war, 1941-1947E 744 .G25 c.3
Working in America: an eyewitness historyHD 8066 .R44