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Inter-Library Loans

Inter-library loan services make it possible for students, faculty and staff to use almost any book or article they need for scholarly research.

How to Submit an Inter-Library Loan Request:

Southern Virginia students, staff, and faculty have reciprocal borrowing privileges at Washington and Lee University and VMI. You may check the catalogs of these libraries and check books out from them. Another option to get an item not owned by the Southern Virginia library is the inter-library loan service. We work with other libraries in the United States and occasionally Canada. There are two ways for you to request an item through inter-library loan:
  1. Requests may be submitted electronically by going to the WorldCat database on the library web page and searching for the material you want. Once you have found an item you would like to request, click on its title to access a Detailed Record. Under “Availability” click on the link “Borrow this item from another library (inter-library loan).” Fill out the required information and click “Submit.” A library staff member will process your request and contact you when the item arrives.
  2. Requests may be submitted in person at the library by filling out an Inter-library Loan Request Form at the circulation desk.

Inter-Library Loan Policies:

We extend this service to current students, faculty and staff in accordance with the Virtual Library of Virginia’s (VIVA’s) ILL guidelines. The following policies apply:
  1. There is a generous initial loan period that minimizes the need for renewals, but often renewals are available. Items may be recalled from the lending library. Any books received through interlibrary loan are subject to overdue fines from the loaning institution.
  2. We happily borrow items for Southern Virginia students, faculty, and staff. If a community patron wants to borrow through ILL, we will gladly refer them to the local Library.
  3. We encourage borrowing items for academic purposes. For pleasure or personal reading material, please visit the Buena Vista Public Library.
  4. We borrow items from free libraries whenever possible. If the only libraries who have the item would charge us, we notify the patron. If the patron will pay the fee, we will borrow the item.
  5. We do not knowingly borrow textbooks currently being used in Southern Virginia University curriculum or books already owned by the library.
  6. If a patron has overdue or outstanding fines, the account will need to be brought current before an interlibrary loan request is placed.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Miyoko Baldridge: (540) 261-4089.