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General Ecology

Digital Open Education Resources

Websites and Digital Archives

Subject Headings

Subject headings are selected terms to represent a topic. Searching subject headings in the library catalog will bring the most complete list of results. Below are some example subject headings. More subject headings can be located in the red books at the reference desk.

  • Ecology
  • Ecology, History
  • Ecology, Moral and Ethical Aspects
  • Ecology, Resilience
  • Ecology, United States
  • Ecology, Chesapeake Bay
  • Ecology, Virginia
  • Agricultural Ecology
  • Animal Ecology
  • Animal-Plant Relationships
  • Bioclimatology
  • Closed Ecological Systems
  • Conservation Ecology
  • Ecosystem Health
  • Extreme Disturbances
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Environmental Disasters

Research Databases

Online Journals

The following journals supply articles to the library’s databases. You can see if a specific journal supplies articles to our databases by searching the journal title on the library journal page.

  • Ecology
  • Ecology and Society
  • Ecology Law Quarterly
  • Ecology Letters
  • Ecology, Environment and Conservation
  • E: The Environmental Magazine
  • Environment & History
  • Environmental and Ecological Statistics

Print Materials at the Von Canon Library

Below are some selected materials in the library with their shelving locations. Browsing in the listed areas of the library will help you find more materials for your topic.

Title Call Number
Planet Earth DVD QL 362 Living Planet
The Art of Ecology : Writings of G. Evelyn HutchinsonQH 541 .H88 2010
A World of Rivers GB 205 .W64 2010
The Theory of Island Biogeography RevisitedQH 85 .T44 2010
CAFO Reader : The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories SF 140 .L58 C34 2010
Ecology of Insects : Concepts and ApplicationsQL 496.4 .S66 2008
Sustaining Life : How Human Health Depends on BiodiversityQH 541.15 .B56 S96 2009
African American Environmental ThoughtE 185.6 .S63 2007
Urban Wildlife Management QH 541 .C6 A33 2005
Bringing the Biosphere Home: Learning to Perceive Global Environmental ChangeeBook 2002