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Websites and Digital Archives

Subject Headings

Subject headings are selected terms to represent a topic. Searching subject headings in the library catalog will bring the most complete list of results. Below are some example subject headings. More subject headings can be located in the red books at the reference desk.

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Bibliography
  • Mathematics Data Processing
  • Mathematics Examinations
  • Mathematics History
  • Mathematics Philosophy
  • Mathematics Popular Works
  • Mathematics Problems, exercises, etc.
  • Mathematics Study and teaching
  • Mathematics Tables
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Trigonometry
  • Biomathematics
  • Calculus
  • Business Mathematics
  • Probabilities
  • Mathematicians ‚ Biography
  • Polyhedra ‚ Models
  • Topology

Research Databases

Online Journals

The following journals supply articles to the library’s databases. You can see if a specific journal supplies articles to our databases by searching the journal title on the library journal page.

  • American Mathematical Monthly
  • American Statistician
  • Annals of Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematics Magazine
  • Mathematics of Computation
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Notices of American Mathematical Society
  • School Science and Mathematics

Print Materials at the Von Canon Library

Below are some selected materials in the library with their shelving locations. Browsing in the listed areas of the library will help you find more materials for your topic.

Title Call Number
What successful math teachers do, grades preK-5 QA 13 .W345 2007
God created the integers: mathematical breakthroughs… QA 21 .G63 2005
Euclid in the rainforest QA 9 .M393 2005
The heart of mathematics: an invitation to effective thinking QA 39.3 .B87
Finite mathematics: an applied approach HF 5691 .S697 2004
Architecture and geometry in the age of the Baroque NA 956 .H47 2000
Great jobs for math majors QA 10.5 .L36 1999
Developing mathematical reasoning in grades K-12 QA 1 .N3 1999
Knowing and teaching elementary mathematics QA 135 .M22 1999
The mathematical tourist: …snapshots of modern mathematics QA 93 .P475 1988
Native American mathematics E 59 .M34 N37 1996
What is mathematics? QA 37.2 .C69 c.2
The encyclopedia of integer sequences QA 246.5 .S66 1995
Nature’s numbers: the unreal reality of mathematical imagination QA 93 .S737 1995