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Resource Guide:

Selected Call Numbers

Call numbers are the shelving locations for each item. Browsing in the following areas of the library will help you find materials for your topic.

Topic Call Number
General PhysicsQC 1-80
BiographiesQC 16
Physics TextbooksQC 21-23
Weights and MeasuresQC 81-119
Descriptive and Experimental MechanicsQC 120-169
Atomic Physics and MatterQC 170-219
Acoustics and SoundQC 220-250
HeatQC 251-349
Optics, Light, SpectroscopyQC 350-473
Radiation PhysicsQC 474-500
Nuclear and Particle Physics and RadioactivityQC 770-800
Geophysics and GeomagnetismQC 801-850
Meteorology and ClimatologyQC 851+

Selected Subject Headings

Subject headings are selected terms to represent a topic. Searching subject headings in the library catalog will bring the most complete list of results. Below are some example subject headings. More subject headings can be located in the red books at the reference desk.

  • Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Dynamics
  • Electricity
  • Electrons
  • Force and Energy
  • General Relativity
  • Magnetism
  • Mechanics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Optics
  • Quantum Theory
  • Thermodynamics
  • Radioactivity

Selected Materials at the Von Canon Library

Below are some selected materials in the library with their shelving locations. Browsing in the listed areas of the library will help you find more materials for your topic.

Title Call Number
The edge of physicsQC 24.5 .A53 2010
MCAT physics reviewR 838.5 .M3395 2010
Einstein : his life and universeQC 16 .E5176 2007
Brainteaser physics : challenging physics puzzlersQC 75 .G75 2007
Music : a mathematical offeringML 3805 .B45 2007
The trouble with physicsQC 6 .S6535 2006
How things work : the physics of everyday lifeQC 21.3 .B56 2006
Gravity's arc : the story of gravityQC 178 .D373 2006
The god particleQC 793.5 .B62 L43 2006
The meaning of relativityQC 6 .E43 2005
Mathematics and physics for programmersQA 76.9 .M35 K59 2005
Electronic structure and magneto-optical properties of solidse-Book
Theoretical methods for strongly correlated electronse-Book

Selected Research Databases

Selected Journals and Magazines

The following journals supply articles to the library’s databases. YOu can see if a specific journal supplies articles to our databases by searching the journal title on the library journal page.

  • Physics (American Physical Society)
  • Physics and Chemistry of Liquids
  • Physics Essays
  • Physics in Perspective
  • Physics of Atomic Nuclei
  • Physics of Fluids
  • Physics of Plasmas
  • Physics of the Solid State
  • Physics Procedia
  • Physics Research International
  • Physics Today
  • Physics Week

Selected Websites and Digital Archives

The following websites are librarian-evaluated to provide trustworthy information for your topic. They include digitized collections connected to your topic.